Digital print / mixed media sculpture
I started making sculptures as a way of explaining how I wanted to heal my wife’s long term illness, MS. Our beautiful garden was always under attack from dandelions and never more so than when the ‘clocks’ of seed heads would blow and scatter everwhere. Knowing they seed anywhere and everywhere easily I realised this would be a great way to show how ‘time’ could heal her. The element of time plays an important part in art for me and my artworks always contain visual references to time. Using wire mesh, papier-mache, plaster-ceramic and found clock and watch parts I make imaginative sculptures I call ‘MyDandelions’, this is carefully chosen as it contains Myelin a vital substance missing in MS sufferers. These sculptures to me are infused with a lyrical quality and they have been described as ‘unique edgy structures full of feeling’. My love of old clocks and found objects fuels the passion to create them.
It has also inspired me to write poetry which can be read here

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