Hi and welcome to the first AlveyArt blog post. I will be posting my new ideas and artworks regularly here so I hope you can join me to see how everything develops.

My first thoughts are regarding ‘MyDandelions’ which is a poem and a sculpture (picture of one of the sculptures is above).

Since working on the ‘mydandelions’ sculptures they have moved on into large single stemmed sculptures about 9-10 inches high which are for sale. Well all the artworks on the alveyart website are for sale but these in particular I will be marketing in the alveyart shop as they are very desirable and portable.

These dandelions have taken shape as gold coloured ones known as ‘MyDandelions – Two sided Time’ and silver coloured ones known as ‘Moondelions’, so you will soon be seeing a page on the website which will be titled ‘Mydandelions and Moondelions’. As I say I am also working on the shop part of the website which I think I will call ‘the emporium’. This will not be a direct sales page but will link to an etsy online shop.

A last thought for me is that I will also take on commissions of the dandelions if you would like something personal such as a message adding to a sculpture.

All the best


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